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On our planet’s largest island lives a population of just over 55,000 people, to whom football is more than a national sport. It's the reason Greenlanders keep fighting. Despite having less than 6 months a year to play outdoors, a national team that FIFA refuses to recognise, and a national championship that lasts just one week each summer, football is at the heart of every town across this ice-strewn country. Meanwhile, Greenland is changing rapidly. Traditional livelihoods and Inuit culture are under threat. Through the long, dark, Arctic winters, Greenlanders learn to adapt to the impacts of climate change. In association with BBC Studios Natural History Unit & Moondance Foundation.

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Producer: Julian Roberts 

Director: Cúan Roche 

Co-Directors: Angus Gannagé & Julian Roberts

Editor: Angus Gannagé

Director of Photography:Tom Wright

Sound, Drone and Second Camera: Freddie Claire

Composer: Denis Roche 

Colourist: Luke Morrison 

Sound Editor & Mixer: Tom Brewins

Graphics: Bryn Walden-Jones

Executive Producer: Pete Banks 

Copa90 Executive Producer: Jack Fletcher, Ed Groves & Rob Michaels 

Interpretor and Fixer: Kirsten Pederson

Translators:Arnarulunnguaq Jørgensen 

Archive: Finn Illum Jørgensen, Qeqertarsuaq Museum & Greenland National Museum.

With Thanks to:

Visit Greenland 

Hotel Disko

The Zeebs 

S+O Media

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